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About us

The power of resilience

Our mission is to help teams
reach their full potential

Why Airdesk

We developed Airdesk to give companies the ultimate control over departments and teams, all-in-one place!
Unlike other collaborative platforms, we focus on the “not so pretty” parts of your business: the management of time, contracts, invoices, services, subscriptions. Our goal is to help teams get work done better, faster, and smarter. Airdesk doesn’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Teams can adapt Airdesk to fit their needs. We cultivate the power of connection in the workplace and believe that it’s the key to success.

What is Airdesk?​

AirDesk is a collaborative platform built to give companies a 360-degree view of their business operations.
Inspired by methods such as scrum and agile, the platform includes process automation to ensure that every part of the business is running smoothly. It does so by centralizing tasks and processes, optimizing productivity, and reducing costs. The platform is perfect for every team, whether working on-site or remotely. By giving team members access to all the right tools to work smarter, Airdesk empowers businesses and helps them grow.

Great teams choose Airdesk

Companies face numerous challenges on a daily basis, including managing people, contracts, projects, tasks, and time. It’s common to distribute tasks among several platforms. But, with Airdesk, companies can access and manage it all in one place!

Visualize your work and achieve your biggest goals. Get great results with Airdesk:

  • 30% reduction in response time.
  • 100% smoother workflow.
  • 3x more hours invoiced in projects.

A brief history

Airdesk was first developed to solve one of humanity’s oldest problems: teamwork. Its main goal was to connect different teams and departments and enable them to work together in a practical, flexible, and productive workflow.

The concept behind Airdesk was envisioned.


Our team started to develop Airdesk.


Airdesk was finally launched.


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