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Omni search

By using one search bar, you can easily find information of your entire Airdesk activity.

Import/export data

Interoperability between systems to enable you to easily import or export data in a spreadsheet file format.

Saved and custom filters

You can quickly view, sort and filter your tasks, projects, time, and more, by using custom filters.

Automatic email notification

To stay informed on activity in Airdesk, you can receive email notifications. Stay up to date and keep track of progress.

File storage

You can add file attachments to your tasks, cases, and projects which your team members can preview or download.

Screen recorder

It’s an easy-to-use screen recording software that enables you to record your screen or a specific tab.

History control

View historical information in Airdesk. This feature is incredibly helpful in tracking individual contributions.


Receive notifications every time a team member assigns you a task and keep up with updates regarding tasks, cases, and projects.

Full screen mode

You can use the full screen mode to better view your dashboard and focus on a specific information.


Access real-time information to track status, spot potential problems, and keep work on track.

Service management

Manage your calls, projects, cases, tasks, and time easily. Empower your business with all the right tools to get work done quicker and smarter.

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Call management

Report calls to your team. Make sure that each call is answered on time. As soon as the client hangs, the problem is already being solved.

Task management

If a team member has completed a task, you’ll know right away, and a new one can be assigned to them in real-time.

Task Checklist

Plan, manage and track all your tasks smoothly. Organize and prioritize tasks in a flexible, easy and rewarding way.

Start and Due Dates

Add a start date to your tasks and projects, to know when to start your work and a due date to know how long it should take.

Time Estimates

Assign how much time a task, case or project should take and compare it with the actual time record. Know exactly where more hours are being spent.

Custom states

Customize the state of your tasks, projects and cases to better track their status. Give more flexibility to your work.


In a few simple steps, you can integrate a business messenger into your website with a snippet code. Receive a message whenever a user submits a form widget and automatically turn it into a task.

Case management

Create cases and assign them to your team. Create a new case to solve a specific problem and assign it to one of your team members.

Project management

Manage all your projects in one platform, organize them by client, department, and schedule. Track how much time you spend per project.


Know exactly the origin of tasks, deals, and projects. Easily access information and keep everything organized.

AI cases assignment

This feature optimizes the assignment of cases to other team members by using Artificial Intelligence to automate the whole process.


Schedule your tasks, cases and projects and bring your team’s goals and plans together in one shared space.

Time record

Easily start a timer or log time manually, and track the hours associated with each individual task, case, or project your team is working on.


Track the performance of tickets, tasks, projects, etc. Know the percentage of hours spent and receive alerts if you exceed the estimated time.

Widget customization

Customize the widget with a title and a description. You can select which items you want to include in the form (e.g., Full Name, Company, and Contact).

Comercial management

Manage your deals, contracts, subscriptions, and billing in one place. Monitor more of your work in Airdesk, and eliminate disorganized processes that jeopardize your goals.

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Deals managing

Manage any kind of deal and track its progress. Know exactly what the state of the deal is and how many deals were closed each month.

Accounts managing

Organize and categorize all types of accounts with which the company works on a single platform.

Classification managing

Check whether the hours entered, whether by project, contract or assistance, are correct or if there are any irregularities.

Accounts billing

Know exactly the value you need to charge each client, according to detailed time records and reports.

Customer support

In a few simple steps, you can integrate a business messenger into your website with a snippet code. Customize the widget with a title and a description.

Contacts managing

Centralize all your contacts in one place and access them whenever you want. Organize them according to your needs and interests.

Contracts managing

Know exactly how many hours are included in the contracts, what their value is, how many tasks are pending, and more.

Invoice managing

You can quickly find the invoice you are looking for by adding filters. You can also create advanced custom filters to make your search easier.

Pipeline stages

This feature is one of the best ways to manage a constant stream of tasks. It allows you to easily filter and categorize information easily.

Subscriptions managing

With this module, you can easily control subscriptions such as registrations and renewals of brands, domains, hosting, programs/software, licenses, and warranties.


Marketing management tools that can streamline your workflows, help you save some time and even ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

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Social media posting

You can schedule and share posts on social media and create a list of ideal publishing schedules, with unlimited number of links.

Email signature

Customize the email signature automatically of an individual, team, department, or even an entire company.

Views and reporting

See and track work from different angles. Get real-time insight into the state of work and access everything you need to streamline your team’s workflow, all at your fingertips.

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Customized tables

Display data in a simple, smart, and customizable way. Keep track of all your tasks, projects, deals, and much more.

Kanban view

With a kanban board, teams can visualize their work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency. It enables team members to commit to the right amount of work, and get it done!

Calendar view

With this feature, teams can better visualize the progress of tasks, cases, projects over time and assess how time can be spent wisely.

Data visualisation

Use data visualization techniques and tools to track your tasks, projects and time more efficiently.

Sidebar view

You can use the sidebar to find information quicker, by selecting a pipeline or specific filters.

Timeline view

Craft project plans with realistic deadlines to avoid any timing conflicts and make adjustments as work progresses.

360 view

Visualize your work with Airdesk’s powerful features and see the big picture. With access to valuable insights, you’ll be able to get work done faster and smarter.

Custom dashboards

This tool provides a centralized, interactive means of monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and extracting relevant business insights.


This feature ensures that your team is in sync. Share team-wide announcements, celebrate important accomplishments, and talk about multiple tasks and projects at a time.

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Shared inbox

Your Inbox can help you coordinate everything you’re working on. This is especially important if your team is working remotely or permanently distributed.

Real time chat

This communication feature is valuable within the broader context of planning, managing, and working on your tasks, cases and projects.


Comment on a task, case or project to acknowledge it when assigned, and whenever you need to discuss ideas, ask and answer questions, or provide updates.

Email messaging

With this feature, you can send and receive emails from customers, originating from forms, widgets, and contacts, without leaving Airdesk.

Team communication

Access all conversations with your team easily. Share team-wide announcements, celebrate accomplishments, or talk about multiple projects at a time.


Add followers (other team members) to your tasks, cases, and projects so they can be up to date on its development.

Admin controls

These features will empower all Airdesk admins with the administrative capabilities they need to champion Airdesk within their Organizations. Manage everything in real-time.

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Airdesk helps you centralize operations and measure the productivity levels of the companies you run. Have all the information you need at hand.

Team management

Get more done as a team with Airdesk. Plan, track, and improve your collaboration with Airdesk’s features. Prioritize, plan, and get everyone on the same page.

Customize agent roles

Define your own agent roles and assign those roles to any user. This allows you to define agent roles that suit your own organizational structure and workflow.

Custom domains

Customize the access to Airdesk’s BackOffice with a custom domain perfect for your company.


Airdesk allows you to select which language(s) your site’s widget is displayed. We strive to make Airdesk the tool that any team worldwide can use to maximize clarity and productivity.

Departments management

Gain ultimate control over departments. Build your personalized workspace and access all the tools your department needs to work smarter.

Advanced permissions

To meet all needs, Airdesk works with a hierarchical level of permissions. This way, information is accessed only by those with permission.

Customer segments

Divide and categorize your customer base into groups of clients that are similar in specific ways.


Airdesk includes multiple currencies that users can set manually, depending on their chosen currency.


Ensure that you stay up to date while you’re on the go with our Android and iOS mobile apps.

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The free Airdesk iPhone app is integral to the Airdesk experience. Enjoy the user-friendly interface and powerful features and improve your productivity.

Customer signature

This feature in the mobile app allows the customer to give an electronic signature in real-time.


The free Airdesk Android app is integral to the Airdesk experience. Enjoy the user-friendly interface and powerful features and improve your productivity.


Add location information to tasks. Get the details of a location by either input address or geocodes.

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